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4 Tips in Making the Most Out Of Your Tiny Room

Tiny space keeping you from having your dream bedroom? We feel you. Although it can really be challenging, designing with a small space can really be fun. It may look like that you are left with little to no choices at all but there are many ways to maximize your storage so you can fit not just more stuff, but fit comfortably as well. With the right tips and tricks, you can turn your small bedroom into your dream bedroom! 

Use Light and Solid Colors

Generally, light colors seem to make a room bigger and brighter. This tricks the eye and creates an illusion that a space appears more distant and open. Adding plenty of sources of natural light can add to keeping the room from being too claustrophobic. Natural light accompanied with light and bright colors maximize the effect of making your space feel airy and open. If you don’t have much natural light, a simple light fixture can fix this and you will be surprised how this big difference there is with your room!

Vertical Storage and Foldable Furniture

By taking advantage of vertical space in your home, you can save yourself from having to spend on redecorating for your storage. The next time you look up at your bedside or doorway, think about the space you’re practically wasting! You won’t have to spend much on redecorating because a simple shelf, storage boxes, and vases can do the trick. One tip is also that you need not worry about layering your shelves. Remember, build up and not build out to optimize your floor space. Another tip for maximizing your tiny space is to invest in furniture designed for small spaces. A folding/collapsible table or a Murphy bed might just be the right furniture for your home!

Larger But Fewer Furniture

There’s nothing more frustrating than having hundreds of things scattered in such a small space. A cramped room means no room for other things. Too much going on in your rooms makes the room busy and crowded. Although having a small space may tempt you to go for a small piece of furniture but in the long run, this small furniture might end up taking more space than that large furniture. When decorating your room, always go for large furniture with multiple purposes that may take some space but can cut down or replace three or more other smaller furniture. You also don’t need to worry about leaving your walls empty!

Smarter Space, Not More Space

A smaller space may feel uncomfortable or confining but the real tip here is in looking for smarter ways to incorporate your things with the space you have rather than adding more space. Do not be afraid to arrange and rearrange. What you think won’t fit sometimes is most likely works. Get creative, have fun, and maximize the space and storage you have.

Focus on having a smarter space and not more space and it might just leave you with a happy home and a happy bank account.


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