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5 Easy Steps To Know the Cost of Installing a Toilet in Toronto

A running toilet is never fun because you’re literally flushing money down the toilet: It’s a waste of water and it causes unnecessarily high water bills. If you’re wondering how to replace a toilet and its entailed costs, there are a number of factors to consider.

In this article, we’re putting an end to your toilet repair cost confusion. Here are 5 steps you need to take to know the cost of installing a toilet like a pro.

1. Diagnose your toilet first.

To determine the toilet repair cost, first, you need to identify what your toilet problem is. Signs of a broken toilet can be caused by a number of things: it could be that the flush is not working properly, your toilet bowl or toilet tank has cracks, water leakage or your old toilet finally broke down after 20 years. In any case, this is the right time to call for professional help.

Add energy efficiency, cost if you have an inefficient toilet for water. Water gets keeping more expensive.

2. The type of toilet matters.

Generally, there are four types of toilets: one-piece, two-piece, wall-mounted and smart toilet. The cost of installing a toilet depends on the type of toilet you’re going to use. An example would be that a one-piece toilet weighs heavier than a two-piece which means it would be more difficult for your local plumber to move the toilet and put it in place given that your bathroom has a limited space.

3. How much does a new toilet cost?

The cost of installing a toilet in Toronto is quite broad. As a wise consumer, it’s your responsibility to do your research: to find out how much the toilet repair cost is, what type of toilet to use, what toilet brand works for you financially and function-wise and how to replace a toilet that lasts.

Clients don’t want to buy the cheap toilets.

To help you do the math, we made a list of how much a new toilet costs:

  • Low-range toilets: $90 – $100

The cheaper, the better. Right? If cheap toilets is your middle name, you can find a reasonably priced toilet on sale. However, we do not recommend getting this range. Keep in mind that luxury has a price so if you’re paying for economical fixtures, you get what you pay for.

Not luxury,

  • Mid-range toilets: $200 – $450

Toilets that cost around $200 – $300 are your basic toilets that don’t do much without additional features like a bidet or a soft close toilet seat. It’s simply a stock toilet.

  • High-range toilets: $400 – $1,000 above

Higher range toilets generally cost $400-$600. If you’re looking into a more powerful set, you can up your range over $1,000 and consider getting a smart toilet AKA the high end version of your regular toilet.

Brand recommendation: As experienced veterans in the plumbing services, we’ve worked with different toilet brands. With that said, we highly recommend Toto as your go-to brand for bang for the buck toilets. Our personal favorite for aesthetics would have to be the Toto Ultra Max collection. From elongated bowls to slim seats, this brand has it all!

4. Check the labor cost and plumbing services cost.

When it comes to toilet installations, a toilet repair cost would require a minimum. Plumbing services in Toronto usually send a truck and a handyman or two, especially when the toilet weights around 110 lbs or more. In this case, the total cost for most plumbing services revolve around $250-$350 whereas the most basic toilet installations would cost $180.

Get your toilet fixed with us!

If you’re looking for the best plumber in Toronto, you’ve made the right choice. Book an appointment with us! If you have more questions about the cost of installing a toilet in Toronto, you can message us on Facebook or send us an email at

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